Wall heating in drywall construction

Suited for new buildings & renovation

The wall as a heating surface

Feel-good heat & pleasant room climate

QuickTherm – Wall heating for retrofitting


Ideal for retrofitting

Ideal for retrofitting due to quick and simple installation


Low retrofitting expenses

Installation in inhabited rooms with little dirt


High efficiency

Energy-saving heating due to low flow temperatures

QuickTherm Systemplatte Heizelement

The benefits of wall heating

A wall heating offers quick and cosy radiant heat and is especially easy to retrofit. During installation, only the heated wall must be cleared, the rest of the room can be used without restriction. Therefore, a wall heating is especially suitable for the renovation.

Ideal for the renovation

A wall heating is often used when the available installation height is too low for a floor heating system. In addition, the existing flooring such as old parquet can be maintained, which makes the wall heating quite attractive for renovation in old buildings. The installation can be carried out quickly and in inhabited rooms, because after all, only the heated wall must be cleared.

How does wall heating work?

Just like an underfloor heating, the wall heating is a surface heating system: Instead of a small radiator, the whole surface of a wall is used for heating. The heat radiates evenly from the entire wall in the room. Due to the large heating surface, only low flow temperatures are required.

Benefits of the QuickTherm system

The proven QuickTherm surface heating can be used not only as wall heating, but also as an underfloor heating or wall heating system. This means that you can freely mix the systems and get the right heating for any room.

Simple installation with system panels

A QuickTherm wall heating consists of system panels, which can be mounted on the wall and adjusted without tools. Mounting the wall heating is alternately between a counter batten made of wood or metal drywall profiles. The integrated insulation reduces heat loss and the predefined pipe ducts also provide a simple installation.

Predefined pipe ducts

Due to the predefined pipe ducts on the system panels, the laying clearances always remain the same size. This eliminates complex measurement of the clearances, the client always knows where and at what distance the heating pipe runs. Thus nails and screws can be inserted into the wall without damaging the pipe.

Predetermined breaking points

The system panels of a QuickTherm wall heating are provided with predetermined breaking points and can therefore be customised without the use of tools. Retrofitting the wall heating is quick and uncomplicated. Filling panels are used in the periphery. If necessary, individual pipe ducts can be cut in.

Heat conducting aluminium layer

The QuickTherm wall heating system panels are covered with a heat conducting layer made of aluminium. This ensures an even, quick and energy-saving transfer of heat. Heat distribution plates made of aluminium can also be applied to deflection bends and filling panels.

Suitable for drywall and plaster

The QuickTherm wall heating can be cladded immediately after installation with expansion board (drywall or plasterboard). They can be screwed to the counter batten provided for this purpose. In addition to the installation in drywall, the wall heating can be fitted with a reinforcing mesh and then plastered.

Quick regulation

Thanks to the full-surface aluminium layer and the fixed pipe clearing, the heat reaches the room quickly and evenly. Thus, living spaces can be heated quickly and needs-based.

Healthy indoor climate

Other than common heating systems, wall heating systems do not cause an air circulation, so that house dust stays on the floor. The warm walls also avoid the growth of mold. A wall heating therefore supports a healthy indoor climate.

Cosy radiant heat saves energy

The radiant heat of a wall heating increases the average temperature of floor and wall surfaces. This means that the air temperature in the room can be kept approx. 2° C lower with the same feeling of warmth. Each degree of reduced temperature saves approx. 6% in energy – retrofitting is worth it.

High energy efficiency

As a low temperature system, the QuickTherm wall heating manages with low flow temperatures. This ensures low losses in heat distribution and saves energy. A wall heating heating can be combined very efficiently with heating pumps and solar power.

Did we convince you?

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A wall heating provides not only rapid heat, it can be quickly and simply retrofitted and is therefore perfectly suitable for the renovation of houses or apartments. Especially in old buildings, the wall heating is convenient because beautiful floorings like old parquet can be preserved. Thanks to the easy installation in drywall, the rooms remain habitable during retrofitting. The wall heating only need slow flow temperatures due to its large heating surface, thus the renovation is worthwile alone due to its low energy consumption. The universal system panels with predetermined breaking points and integrated insulation also ensure that retrofitting is simple and can be performed by a single person with little use of tools. The wall heating is coated with aluminium sheets, which provide a rapid release of heat into the room. Also, the constant heat helps to prevent mold growth and keeps household dust from swirling through the air, because in contrast to the conventional heating, no air circulation is created. This ensures a healthy indoor climate!


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